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10 Ways to Improve Your New Ghillie Suit


  1. Replace all buttons with Velcro.

    If your buttons are constantly getting caught on things while you are crawling then you should consider replacing all of your buttons with Velcro. Now you won’t be getting caught up while crawling.

  2. Add both elbow and knee padding to your new Ghillie Suit.

    If after a long day in your Ghillie Suit you find that your elbows and knees are sore then perhaps you should add padding. One trick I read about online was to sew in mouse pads as they are very flexible and provide enough padding to save your elbows and knees.

  3. Add a Camelback to the suit.

    How many times have you gotten thirsty when you couldn’t afford to reach for your canteen? Even if you haven’t then you would still benefit from incorporating a Camelback into your Ghillie Suit. After adding one then you won’t even have to move to quench your thirst without giving up your position.

  4. Get Dirty.

    As strange as it may seem at first, you should get that new suit dirty. Have you ever seen a dirt free outdoors? Me either, so crawl around and get it dirty!

  5. Replace the armpits with mosquito netting.

    One thing about these suits is they tend to be heavy. If you are out in the humid and hot woods you could easily overheat before even realizing it. Now imagine how much cooler you would stay if you replaced the armpits with netting? What about replacing a small portion of your back and chest with netting? Before long you will have taken the temperature in that suit way down!

  6. Add your own vegetation.

    The goal of your new Ghillie Suit is to blend in to your surroundings. There is no better way to blend in then to actually wear your surroundings! Don’t be afraid to add some leaves so that you blend in just that much better.

  7. Do not wash your Ghillie Suit.

    There are a few reasons not to wash your Ghillie Suit. One of which is for a safety. When the suit is washed it removes the fire retardant. You then have to reapply the retardant in order to return to the previous safety level. More so, you would be washing away all the foliage, etc that you have managed to pick up on the suit as you have worn it!

  8. Add thumb loops to your sleeves.

    Do your arms start moving up as you are crawling? One way to fix that is to sew on thumb loops to the end of your sleeves. This allows you to put your thumbs in to them and will prevent your arms from riding up while you are trying to get into a better position for that perfect shot.

  9. Add leg cuffs to your pants.

    Another common problem is that the pant legs will start riding up while crawling in prone. With the addition of some leg cuffs you can easily keep those pant legs in place so that the only thing left for you to worry about is that perfect shot.

  10. Add more pockets.

    I just can’t seem to have enough pockets. Don’t be afraid to add a few more of your own. Just make sure they are well hidden and are easy to reach!


Source by Stacy William