Cleaning And Killing Black Mold With Common, Non-Toxic, Household Products


You will find several household products you are able to use for cleaning black mold. This is a short list of commonly used items that are safe to use.

Mold is really a fungus that thrives in moist or humid conditions. It could be discovered in locations from the house that remains damp, for example the bathroom, kitchen or basement. Mold can be damaging to the surface it grows on, discoloring or corroding it. It can also affect people with allergies and can cause a fatal lung infection if breathed in. The key to mold control is moisture control.

It is essential to dry water damaged areas and items within 24-48 hours to prevent mold growth. If mold is a problem in your house, clean up the mold and get rid of the excess water or moisture. Fix leaky plumbing or other sources of h2o. Wash mold off tough surfaces with detergent and water, and dry totally. Absorbent materials (for example ceiling tiles & carpet) that become moldy may have to be replaced. These house remedies can help get rid of mold effectively.

1. Cleaning Black Mold With Detergent and Water

You are able to use a solution of detergent and water to clean off surface mold from non-porous material such as glass and tiles. Detergent is not a mold killer, the solution is meant for scrubbing off the visible mold from the surfaces. When mold grows on non-porous material, it’s good enough to have all the surface molds cleaned thoroughly. It’s not necessary to kill the mold. For cleaning black mold off outdoor cushions, mix a gallon of water and 1/4 cup of soap in the bucket. You can stir the mix around with your hand and the sponge.

The mixture should be slightly sudsy. Scrub the cushions with the sponge. You can scrub as tough as you like until you get the mold and mildew stains off. The detergent should kill the mold and mildew while it’s breaking down the stains. Dowse any remaining stains with lemon juice. You may still have some pale stains remaining on the cushions once you have finished cleaning them. These should be saturated with lemon juice. Let the cushions dry in the sun. The lemon juice will lift the remainder of the stain out from the cushion using the sunlight as a catalyst.

2. Cleaning Black Mold With Baking Soda

Sprinkle baking soda over moldy carpet to absorb the mold and freshen the air. Leave it on the carpet for as little as 20 minutes or overnight. Use a vacuum cleaner with an empty bag for maximum efficiency to vacuum up the baking soda. Baking Soda paste can be used to clean tile floors as well. It’s suggested that you mix enough water with the baking soda to create a soft paste, then apply it to the trouble spots on your tile, scrub, and rinse with a vinegar/water mixture to neutralize the baking soda to avoid residue.

3. Cleaning Black Mold With Borax Powder (this one is possibly the easiest!)

Use a solution of 1 cup of borax powder to 1 cup of h2o to mop floors. Scrub the black mold with the disinfecting solution over a small area. Wipe away the fluid and scum of mold and disinfecting solution with old rags, but do not rinse the cleansed area. Leaving some borax behind will help prevent the black mold from returning. Repeat steps until you have cleansed all the black mold. Leave your work area open to ventilation and exposed to the sun if possible. This will help speed the drying process and blow out any spores in the air. That will also help reduce the possibility of a recurrence of black mold.

4. Cleaning Black Mold With Vinegar

Clean mold on hard surfaces using a solution of equal parts vinegar and water. Fill a plastic spray bottle with the solution. Spray surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom with the solution and scrub the area with a tough brush. The latest trend in mold and mildew control is the shower and bathroom sprays that use once you’re done taking a shower. These products work just fine, but they act on the same principle as the vinegar spray. Vinegar can substitute just about any bathroom cleaning product sold today, with the exception of heavy duty abrasive cleaners like Comet.

5. Cleaning Black Mold With Chlorine Bleach

Use a solution of one part chlorine bleach to one part h2o to clean carpeting and upholstery that has been affected by mold. Soak a sponge or cloth in the solution and swipe it across the mold to trap the spores in the cloth. NOTE… While leach will clean the black mold, it will not kill it on porous surfaces. You must still use a …

Dwelling Improvement

Having an unused attic may very well be an exquisite factor, so long as the home-owner is aware of the right way to convert it into a great house. At any time when dwelling proprietor ready to invest money in their dwelling transforming venture they need to know the process to work it out and how to choose the fitting contractor, as a result of professional contractor will guide u to be carried out in proper method.

Plan accordingly and you should have a profitable house reworking challenge that you would be able to be proud of both visually inside and outside.

House Improvement and Transforming requires the identical skilled coordination and integration in any respect ranges as does new building.

Our mission ran over time by about ten days because house constructing and remodeling is booming in Dallas and some of the subs got pulled into different initiatives, Actually understandable in right this moment’s development setting.

The remodeling ideas in this part will give attention to improving present partitions and furnishings in an already transformed basement, as well as useful projects to enhancing a regular open-space basement.

The perfect house contractors Redding, CA are the first selection of hundreds of their glad purchasers in terms of finishing up small, minor repairs or complete dwelling reworking.

That is a completely sensible reworking mission that not only adds class and a touch of uniqueness to your private home, but is extraordinarily practical.

It’s high time to enlist the help of professional residence transforming contractor or experts of. Typically the toilet, kitchen and bathroom are especially difficult elements of the house either transform or enhance.

The newest remodeling pattern involves using warm colours of tile, fixtures, materials, paint and flooring.

When Transforming says this mission recoups 108 percent of its cost, it’s talking solely about resale value, not about power financial savings.

Whether or not it’s kitchen designs, bathroom ideas, or dwelling reworking initiatives, you may be amazed at what we can give you TOGETHER.

At Schloegel Design Remodel, our dwelling reworking crew takes great delight in dedicated attention to detail and superior craftsmanship, offering our shoppers with a house makeover that they are going to be proud to point out off to their friends and family.

Cell residence remodeling is an effective way to handle your residing place however it wants some careful planning to get it performed the suitable method.

During the true property growth, it turned very clear… most reworking firms in Northern Virginia had been all about maximizing their income and not customer-focused.

Comfort Dwelling Remodeling Design specializes in a sort of design referred to as useful kitchen design in Chicago.

Welcome to Swanson’s Contracting for house remodeling redding, ca Our experienced toilet transforming redding, ca and Development redding ca with producers permit us to supply distinctive providers at truthful costs together with your finances in thoughts.

Welcome to Swanson’s Contracting for residence reworking redding, ca. Our skilled lavatory remodeling redding, ca and Development redding ca with manufacturers allow us to offer distinctive companies at truthful prices with your funds in thoughts.…

The Handyman Special – How to Sell a House in Disrepair or Buy a House With No Deposit


Imagine this:

• You need to sell your house but you can’t because you have let it run down over the years and it needs lots of Tender Loving Care.

• You can’t fix it up because you don’t have the cash.

• You are behind on the Mortgage Payments.

If this sounds like the house you have right now then read on. The solution to selling these difficult houses is surprisingly simple, and incredibly effective. The easiest way to explain a House Selling Strategy (or a House Buying Strategy for that matter) is through an example.

Here goes:

The Handyman Special

• The Situation – You are a seller with a house in a bad state of repair. It is currently worth $200 000. All the other houses in your area are worth $300 000.

• The neighbours are on your back to Renovate Your House because it is bringing down the value of their homes.

• You have had professional tradespeople in to give you quotes on the repairs. You cannot afford to pay the $30 000 for the repairs and you couldn’t possibly find the time to DIY. You’re too busy working to try and pay the mortgage payments for that!

Here is what you do – “Make Your House Easy to Buy, so it Will Be Easy To Sell”. With the Handyman Special strategy here are the steps to follow:

1. Let’s assume that if your house was in good condition it would be worth $300 000.

2. Also let’s assume (conservatively) that the bank would be happy to lend on an 80{7101d2215a6bd446fa679c57b3b56c91409a17080c01dc910257a9924d5d9b54} Loan to Value ratio. This means they will lend a buyer $240 000 to buy a $300 000 home.

3. Next thing to do is put your home up for sale at say $270 000. In your marketing, ask for people who are Good With Their Hands. Yes you will get a lot of interest because it is well below the area value of $300 000. However when a buyer comes to inspect you should expect them (if they have eyes in their head) to baulk at the price when they see the poor condition of your house.

4. Now explain to the buyer that you were going to fix it up at a cost of $30 000 but if the buyer would be happy to do the work themselves instead you would be happy to knock off $30 000 and sell it to them for $240 000 instead. This means you will be accepting a $30 000 deposit in the form of “Sweat Equity”. The buyer needs NO CASH DEPOSIT. The buyer does $30 000 of work instead.

So – What’s in it for the seller? The seller no longer needs to pay $30 000 for repairs and renovations. The seller will get $40 000 more than expected ($240 000 instead of current value of $200 000). The property title will remain in the seller’s name until the renovations are completed to their satisfaction. The seller doesn’t have to spend precious time doing DIY Renovations.

So – What’s In It For The Buyer? The value of the house will be $300 000 when it is fixed up. The buyer only pays $240 000 to the seller. The buyer knows that DIY is much cheaper than the $30 000 quoted to the seller – say $4000 to $8000, using their own skills and network (relatives, friends, professional contacts).

The buyer will end up with a house worth $300 000 for which he paid only $240 000 (plus costs of fixing up). He/she has $60 000 of “Equity” in the house before they even move in (this is 20{7101d2215a6bd446fa679c57b3b56c91409a17080c01dc910257a9924d5d9b54} of the house value).

Conclusion: How does this all end?

• The Bank sees a house worth $300 000 and a buyer who has a contract-for-sale for $240 000. They are delighted to lend 80{7101d2215a6bd446fa679c57b3b56c91409a17080c01dc910257a9924d5d9b54} of the valuation to the buyer ($240 000). Happy Bank!

• The Seller gets $40 000 more than he/she ever believed possible and didn’t have to spend a penny or lift a hammer to get it. Happy Seller!

• The Buyer gets a beautiful home decorated and renovated to THEIR Tastes and the only money spent is about $8000. NO DEPOSIT needed. The bank gave them ALL the money they needed to buy the house at the seller’s price of $240 000. Wow – a beautiful $300 000 home for only $8000 cash. Happy Buyer!

So the “Handyman Special” Strategy for Selling a House has in this case resulted in Happy Seller, Happy Buyer, and Happy Banker. Now that is a WIN – WIN – WIN situation.


Source by Inezmaree Stockley


kitchen remodel costDURING: The living room turned eating room is opened up to the household room once the wall is lower. In response to kitchen designer the perfect price range whereas refurbishing your kitchen would be tentatively 10 {7101d2215a6bd446fa679c57b3b56c91409a17080c01dc910257a9924d5d9b54} of the worth of your property.

As a full service agency, we are the provider and contractor, and we promise to maintain your challenge on time and on budget.

When you’re prepared to find the fitting professional, gather quotes from at the very least two or three totally different contractors so you may examine them.

Spacious Stroll-In Pantry retains meals objects available and in tip-prime shape with an organized kitchen pantry.

There’s so much ‘service’ here-it is sort of a complete design schooling on easy methods to do and understand and undertake a transform.

Our design consultants take on a regular basis wanted to grasp your targets, style preferences, and funds and provide steerage on one of the best cabinetry and countertop options available without the upsell so prevalent within the industry.

In the end, you’ll not only have an attractive kitchen to get pleasure from but additionally add significantly to your property’s worth.

Mike also provides invoices on a regular basis which detail all work completed and associated cost and supplies making it very simple to trace one’s funds during the remodel.

Except for anomalies like a house theater , the kitchen is the most costly room in the house to transform, on a sq. foot by square foot foundation.

Along with a rise in value, you will also discover that by remodeling your kitchen, the overall look of your house will better.

Discover the very best methods to add storage to your kitchen in this guide or use this information to kitchen cabinets to get you began.

For those who decide to do a major remodel or rearrange your sinks, dishwasher and icemaker, you’ll have to relocate the pipes.

If you’re considering giving your outdated toilet a new look you would flick through the different toilet remodeling footage available in magazines.

That is my tenth yr of blogging day by day encouragement and ideas to encourage you to create a home you’ll remodel near me

The way in which it was here, the widow over the kitchen sink looked proper into a huge evergreen tree and was all the time lined with bird droppings!kitchen remodel cost

Our purpose for our new kitchen was to upgrade the cupboards & counter tops along with including usable cupboard space.…

10 Facts About Motorola


Motorola was founded by Paul and Joseph Galvin and produced one of the first commercially successful car radios in 1930. Today it is a Fortune 100 telecommunications company with an annual turnover of over 22 billion dollars.

  1. Martin Cooper was a project manager for Motorola and invented the world’s first cellular mobile phone back in 1973, weighing in at almost 800 grams it is a far cry from today’s small and sleek handsets. However the first commercially launched handset called the Motorola Dyna-Tac was not made available to consumers until 1984
  2. The Second World War led to many innovations but one of the most useful and iconic was a mobile two-way transceiver or “Walkie Talkie” which was invented by Motorola in 1940. This particular model was called the SCR-300 and was a hefty back mounted device. It was not until a year later that the company mass produced a smaller handheld unit which they called the “Handie Talkie” or SCR-536
  3. Pagers were very popular during the 90s, but Motorola actually made the first one in 1956 which was used in hospitals to send radio messages to specific individuals
  4. Motorola also made the first cordless large screen portable television. This TV had a 19 inch screen size
  5. The company not only invented communication devices which were used on Earth, but also made the radio used by Neil Armstrong to utter the now legendary words “one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind” back in 1969 on the Apollo 11 lunar module
  6. High definition television is very popular nowadays but a subsidiary of Motorola called General Instrument Corporation actually proposed and launched the world’s first HDTV television all the way back in 1990
  7. In 1999 the company made the iDEN i1000 plus handset, which was the first smartphone to incorporate web browsing capability, email and alphanumeric messaging.
  8. Motorola’s car radios were initially sold to Police departments across America. By 1937 further communication advancements enabled them to launch a two-way version which allowed Police to communicate whilst on patrol
  9. The founding company of Motorola was called Galvin Manufacturing Corporation, which was incorporated on September 25th 1928 in Chicago, Illinois. It was not until 1947 that the company formerly changed its name to Motorola
  10. In 1998, Motorola was overtaken by Nokia as the world’s biggest seller of mobile phone handsets


Source by Louise Goldstein

The Top 5 Reasons to Remove Your Acoustic Ceiling


#1 – Asthetics – The biggest reason to get rid of acoustic ceilings is that they just look terrible. Most people do not like the way popcorn ceilings look. In fact, this style is so disliked that in many cases it can bring down the value of a home, or even turn people away from buying it. This is especially true in more “trendy” cities or neighborhoods. Over the years, the ceiling will also become dusty and acquire stains which cannot be removed unless the entire ceiling is redone. Because the texture is difficult to paint over, some homes have color walls with white ceilings, which only emphasizes the ugliness of it. And if the owners do decide to paint, the fragile nature of the material limits the number of layers that can be coated on. Too much thick paint can weigh down the ceiling and cause parts of it to fall. The simple solution for a more versatile ceiling is to scrape off the surface of the popcorn ceiling and give it a smooth finish. This will give it a more appealing look that can more easily be changed according to taste.

#2 – Health – These types of ceilings are very dirty and dusty. Over years acoustic ceilings collect dust and dirt and there is no way to really clean it. Painting over it doesn’t clean it either, it helps trap dirt in and it starts building more and ruins the ceiling. The dust that collects can be inhaled by the inhabitants, causing health problems. Because the material these ceilings are made from is very fragile, every time it is disturbed, small particles are released into the air. This is not only a health threat, but can get your floors dirty as well. The only way to clean acoustic ceilings is to remove them and then you’re replacing it with something that’s not going to collect dust. So you’re taking a porous surface and turning it into a smooth, cleanable surface.

#3 – Allergies – Allergies go down substantially once the acoustic ceiling has been removed. Everything that you’ve been allergic to gets caught up in the acoustic and if you have allergens in your ceiling you can’t get away from it. Dust mites is the most common trigger of allergies, and it tends to get stuck in the nooks and crannies of the ceiling. Dusting or vacuuming can help, but is rarely completely efficient. And often times when attempting to clean, the surface is disturbed and particles are released into the air making matters worse. With a flat surface, you can rest easily knowing that allergens have one less place to hide.

#4 – Smells – Acoustic ceilings trap in smells were created because they absorb sound. Unfortunately, they also absorb smells. This can be particularly problematic in the kitchen where the ceiling is frequently exposed to an array of strong odors from cooking. Smoke and steam deliver the smells straight to the ceiling where it becomes trapped for a long time. Another big problem comes from people who smoke indoors. This not only gives the ceiling a disturbing smell, but an ugly yellow tint as well. Once smells get trapped there is really no way to get rid of them, except to get rid of the entire ceiling completely and give it a fresh finish.

#5 – Out Dated – Popcorn ceilings were popular in the 60′s and 70′s because of their noise reduction properties. But the truth is soft carpets and solid doors are much more effective, especially in single floor homes. Realizing this, people began opting for more modern styles. Since the 80′s, the vast majority of homes do not have popcorn ceilings. The stippled effect can look especially out of place if a home has had other renovations.


Source by Noe Velasco

6 Steps to Making Good Financial Decisions in Tough Times


I heard a staggering statistic the other day about the number of homes that are going into foreclosure each day. In addition, people are losing their jobs as many businesses experience a decline in revenues and are struggling to keep their doors open. It’s certain that most of us are feeling the effects of this tougher economy. What we don’t yet know is how deep and how long we will experience these economic tough times.

Financial stress can either paralyze us into taking no action when we should or cause us to make poor, impulsive decisions. When we’re in a flourishing economy, it’s so much easier to recover from any bad decisions we might make. However, when things are tough there’s not as much room for error and a misstep will take a longer time to recover from financially. Over my years of experience in working with clients, I’ve come up with these six steps that will help you make better financial decisions in tough times.

Step 1: Know what’s truly important

The first step is to take the time to know what’s most important to you. This is more difficult when you’re feeling financial stress. Ask yourself the question, “What makes my life richer?” For example, spending time with your children or your spouse, and staying healthy might be most important to you. Once you have clarity on what’s most important, it’s easier to make financial decisions that keep you in alignment with your life values.

Step 2: Be proactive about your spending choices

The second step to making good decisions in a tough economy is to be proactive about how you spend your money. Look for ways to cut household expenses and before you buy, ask yourself “Is this purchase really necessary?” In addition, check to see if any loans or credit cards can be refinanced or consolidated to lower your monthly payments and interest rates.

If you are self-employed and experiencing a business slow-down, look for ways to reduce your overhead. Many business owners who are renting space have been able to re-negotiate a lesser rent. You’ll also want to explore creative ways of finding and keep new customers while keeping your current ones happy with your products or services.

Step 3: Seek input from professionals

The third step to making good decisions in a tight economy is to research the options and the consequences of major financial decisions. The more research you do the better outcome you’ll have. Seek input from people who have more information and experience than you. Also, check into the possible tax or legal consequences of your decision. This is particularly important if you’re considering a decision on the disposition of property such as a short sale, deed in lieu of foreclosure, or going into foreclosure.

Step 4: Check In With Yourself

The fourth step to making good decisions in a tough market is to take the time to have a quiet moment with yourself once you’ve gathered all the information. How does the decision feel? Do you have any nagging doubts? Do you feel “fear” about making the decision? Ask yourself, “Have I gathered enough information to feel good about this decision?” Every person I’ve ever met who made a financial decision that resulted in the loss of money, time and energy admitted that they ignored their small voice or that feeling in the pit of their stomach.

Step 5: Make decisions based on where you are now The fifth step to making good decisions in a tough market is to make all of your spending decisions based on where you are now and be cautious about the future. Making decisions based on where you are now means don’t spend money until you’ve received it no matter how certain it appears – whether it’s an inheritance or a “for sure” commission check. Avoid using your credit cards if you are unable to pay them off each month. Also, don’t spend money unnecessarily because you’re hoping the economy is going to get better soon. This is not the time for impulsive purchases. Being cautious about the future means that even though your job may seem secure or your business is doing well, stay alert to the fact that we are in a tougher, uncertain economy and make your decisions with this in mind.

Step 6: Good Self Care will keep you creative

The sixth and final step to making good decisions in a tough economy is good self-care that will keep you feeling optimistic and vibrant, enhancing create ideas. Self-care can be excellent creative play. You may feel that since things are “tight” you don’t have time for this, however when we are in a creative state we are able to see things more clearly, we can see other perspectives and …