Bathroom Trends for this Season

Bathroom trends for this season

Whether you are looking for a stylish family bathroom or a luxurious space in which to unwind. Hence the latest trends in bathrooms can provide style and luxury.


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Period style

Period-style bathrooms remain in fashion and work especially well in Victorian- or Edwardian-style homes. The star attraction for this look is often a freestanding roll-top bath; alternatively, if space is limited, a shower with ceramic-handled brass-ware can look just as elegant.

For pure indulgence, investing in a slipper-shaped tub or positioning the bath as the central feature in the room can make you feel like you are in a Hollywood movie. You could also have your bath installed on a raised platform, or even have a sunken tub.

Relaxing in a deep, bubbly warm bath is one of life’s pleasures; in addition, it is good for our health and wellbeing, which is great news for those who enjoy a daily soak.


Colour is key in any bathroom and making sure it is a bright, clean space can make a huge difference to the overall look. There are many options available, from having a signature wall painted in a bold colour to using wall tiling to bring in colour and texture. Indigo is this year’s ‘on trend’ colour – with its connotations with the sea, it is a popular choice for any bathroom. Adding greens, turquoises and different materials will enhance the look, making your bathroom the perfect place in which to relax.

Bathroom Trends

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Being bold with colour can really make your bathroom stand out and give it a modern feel. Coloured baths and basins are back in fashion, especially when paired with more delicate colours on the walls and matched with engineered flooring from a specialist such as

Finishing touches

Having a gloss or matt finish is very much a personal choice. A matt finish is often the choice for family bathrooms, as finger marks are less likely to show. Neutral colours and tones, including wood and stone, can give your bathroom a very natural feel and appearance.

Most modern-day bathrooms include chrome fixtures and fittings; however, gold is beginning to make a comeback and can look very sophisticated, especially when matched with pastel shades. If you prefer a more traditional look, brushed copper or antique gold are also becoming extremely popular.…

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