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Your promotional posts turn out to be less witty than it sounded in your head. It looks so easy breaking the internet and some people didn’t even intend on getting that much attention, but why are yours not getting any at all?

Congratulations to you for coming across this useful guide because it was made exactly for you.

It’s time to look you in the eye and tell you dead straight what you’re missing: a well-established brand voice. Think about your identity as a brand and the people you want to reach, and let that be the starting point of forming your individual brand voice.

In this useful guide to finding your brand voice, we’ll show you some inspirations you can definitely learn from. Here are a few examples:

Wendy’s And The Bird
Wendy’s has been enthroned by the Twitter community as their ruler after a series of hilarious roasts of other brands and even users.

We concur with all of this and in fact, we think Wendy’s remains unbeatable when it comes to tweeting.

The brain behind the brilliant tweets is Amy Brown, the social media coordinator to whom all credit is due.

Wendy’s traces its Twitter fame roots to the second day in January 2017 when they put out a well-meaning tweet about their fresh beef never being frozen.

Suddenly, a Twitter user with the handle @NHride took issue with it and replied that everyone knows their beef is frozen and their slogan “fresh, never frozen” is being laughed at.

Wendy’s continued to conversation saying kindly that they never use frozen meat, and then being told by @NHride that they then must be delivering it on a hot truck.
The conversation ended with the user bringing McDonald’s to the thread and Wendy’s firing back this tweet: “You don’t have to bring them into this just because you forgot refrigerators existed for a second there”.
After that encounter, Wendy’s kept giving the world a regular dose of laughter, ending up featured in Buzzfeed and other such platforms.
This useful guide first tip is: running a business account doesn’t mean you have to tweet only formal and decent tweets, throw in some humor and even some roasts once in a while.

The Legendary Nike
Nike’s ads usually go along the lines of a creative shot of an athlete making sporty look absolutely aesthetic. Colin Kaepernick, the NFL player who chose to remain seated during a flag ceremony to respond to the Black Lives Matter Movement was picked up by Nike to narrate a commercial. Colin’s actions led to more black players doing the same, causing many companies to boycott the NFL – except Nike.

This was Nike’s brand voice – a voice that speaks for what they stand for.

This useful guide gives you tip number two: don’t be afraid to use your brand voice to stand up for what you believe in.

And lastly, this useful guide third tip: you don’t have to be on the same level as your competitor’s brand voice, be free to be your own.